The Future of Baby Monitoring is Here

Introducing the NEW Medically-Certified Dream Sock™

Monitor What Matters Most

Rest assured knowing your baby is sleeping soundly with a hospital-tested and clinically-validated monitor. View real-time health readings and receive notifications for ultimate peace of mind.


Medically-Certified Dream Sock™

A non-prescription smart baby monitor with Live Health Readings and Health Notifications that uses pulse oximetry technology.

  • View and track your baby’s pulse rate, oxygen, wakings, and sleep trends
  • Receive Health Notifications for low or high pulse rate and low oxygen
  • New Predictive Sleep feature that uses data and algorithms to forecast optimal sleep times and durations based on patterns and behaviors

Why choose Owlet?

Owlet offers unparalleled peace of mind and improved sleep for families.

Parenting doesn’t have to be sleepless

Many new parents experience anxiety and concern about their baby's well-being, especially while the baby is sleeping.


Parents lose an average of 133 nights' worth of sleep before their babies turn one.

Sleep deprivation can worsen symptoms of postpartum depression, which affects one in eight mothers.

Poor sleep is highly associated with anxiety in new mothers.

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