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“My daughter is just over 8 months old now. As a first time mother I worry constantly and the Owlet gives me peace of mind. I use it every single day whether I'm home or away. Owlet is the best!”

Fola, Surrey

“The owlet has allowed me to relax in the precious hours my son is sleeping because I don’t feel the need of having to constantly check on him. That green light gives me a lot of comfort.”

Vanessa, London

“I love the Owlet sock, no other monitor comes close in the UK to doing what it does it gives a lot of peace of mind.”

Sarah, Southampton

“As parents of twins we are extremely happy with the product and it truly gives us a piece of mind. I would recommend the owlets to anybody that is having or expecting new arrivals. They are easy to use and the quality seems right.”

Christian, Berkshire

“Sleep is precious with a newborn and this amazing product gives me the peace of mind to relax into sleep, knowing that my little one is essentially being watched over. I’m a happier, more rested mum thanks to Owlet.”

Katie, Scotland

“Wow we can’t wait ! So happy you are launching in the UK. I could never live without this product. It’s hands down the best thing I will ever buy for my baby.”

Olivia, England

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