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4 Ways to Spend Easter in Lockdown

4 Ways to Spend Easter in Lockdown

Although some restrictions have been lifted, we can all agree that Easter in lockdown just isn’t quite the same. Pub lunches have been replaced by family zoom calls and hugging older relatives isn’t quite back on the agenda just yet. So, we’ve come up with four ways you can still enjoy a lovely, wholesome Easter weekend.

Easter egg hunt

It just isn’t Easter without the eggs! This is a lovely activity to get the whole family involved, and best of all, there’s chocolate for everyone. No matter what age, or how big your family is, this is sure to be one that everyone will love. You can really get creative with this one too, set up clues and get decorative to make this Easter the most special one yet! 

Document the day in photos

Nothing captures those special family moments better than photographs and let’s face it you can never have too many! Whether you’re going for the traditional approach of a film camera or taking quick snaps on your smartphone, it’s really just about making sure these treasured moments are being documented. And why not take it one step further and really get creative? Gather these photos and add them to a scrapbook so these beautiful moments are all documented in one place. 

Family walk/picnic 

In most places now, the weather is nice enough to enjoy a long family walk. It’s even probably nice enough to sit outside for a picnic now! Either way, getting outside with the family is a lovely way to spend the special weekend. The outdoors is a great environment for parents and newborns to bond. Even if you have older children, the open space is a great place for little ones to show off walking, climbing, and any other sports activities. 

Cook a special meal

Cooking is a fantastic way to bond as a family, and the best thing is it can be enjoyed at all ages. Whether it’s a home pizza kit, a Mexican family feast, or a traditional Sunday roast, you can get everyone involved in the process, even if your newborn is just in the same room soaking up the moment! 

Whether you choose one (or all) of these Easter weekend tips, they’re guaranteed to bring everyone together to celebrate this special time. 

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