Explore the Dream App

Our unique technology provides valuable insights that every parent needs!

The easy-to-use app works with Owlet's Dream Sock to show you real-time data about your baby's heart rate, oxygen levels, and sleep. It sends notifications and alerts for peace of mind, offers live video and audio with the Owlet Cam, and tracks your baby's growth over time. The app even gives you sleep tips to help improve your baby's sleep routines.


Health Notifications

Display live Pulse Rate and Oxygen Saturation levels during a sleep session as well as get notifications if Pulse Rate or Oxygen Saturation leave preset ranges.


Secure HD Video with Night Vision

See baby clearly with 1080p HD video and auto-adjusting night vision for those late-night check-ins.


Multi-task with Picture in a Picture

You can surf your phone, respond to texts, or even watch Netflix while still seeing your baby monitor in a small window.