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Are Sleep Sacks Safe for Babies Who Can Roll Over?

Are Sleep Sacks Safe for Babies Who Can Roll Over?

The day your baby rolls over for the first time is a huge milestone and is very exciting! But it also comes with concerns about sleep recommendations. Rest assured! If your baby is able to roll over by themself then they have the muscle development and strength necessary to sleep safely on their side or belly. Remember to always lay your baby on their back to sleep, but know if they roll it’s ok as long as you're practicing safe sleep by having the crib clear of blankets or pillows. 

Once your baby begins rolling, it’s more important than ever to create a safe sleep environment for them, that includes breaking the swaddle habit! If your baby is rolling over, then a swaddle is no longer safe for them because they may still roll but will not have their arms to support them. Using a wearable blanket, such as the Owlet Sleeper, is a safe alternative and can help your baby transition out of the swaddle. They can safely roll and sleep in any silly position they get themselves into, as it ensures their face is clear from blankets and protects them from being entangled. 

Wearable blankets have been proven to be the safest alternative to using a blanket while trying to keep your baby warm. Keep in mind that your baby can overheat, so having them wear one more layer than you wear to bed is a good rule of thumb for keeping them snuggly warm without overheating.

Studies have shown that a wearable blanket is much safer than using an actual blanket, but a potential added benefit from a wearable blanket is that it can make it difficult for a baby to roll over on their belly unsupervised1. This means your baby will likely have more time to practice rolling during your supervision before they roll in their crib at night on their own. 

Using a swaddle or wearable blanket is not a necessity for your baby, but it’s a safe and great alternative to using a blanket on nights when pajamas may not be warm enough. Owlet’s Sleeper is not only safe and cozy for your little one, but convenient for you! The full length zipper gives you quick access for those late night diaper changes and access to their feet so you can sneakily place the Dream Sock on those sleepy nights when it may have been forgotten.





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