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The Best Pram Toys for Newborns

the best pram toys for newborns

Whether you’re taking your baby for a quick stroll around the neighbourhood or heading to the supermarket for your weekly food shop, keeping your baby entertained with pram toys or buggy toys is invaluable. Not only do baby pram toys keep your baby distracted and calm, but they’re also great for Baby’s sensory development (and especially good for teething babies!)  Wondering which pram toys are the best for your baby? We’ve compiled a list of 8 great pram toys to buy in 2022. 

Best Pram Toys for a Newborn

  1. Flannery the Fox by Lamaze Lamaze makes a fantastic collection of baby pram toys. However, Flannery the Fox tends to be one of the more popular options. This is a great choice for babies due its bold, bright colors and patterns. He also has a teether and a lot of different textures that will encourage tactile stimulations. Plus, when your baby shakes Flannery, he makes a purring sound. This will help develop the notion of cause and effect for your baby.
  2. Penguin Activity Spiral Toy by Nuby - This interactive travel toy wraps around a pram handle or a pushchair bar. Featuring a hanging penguin teddy, mirror, and plush cloud, this toy helps stimulate baby’s senses due to its squeaks, chimes, and various textures. And, since this toy features neutral colors, it’s the perfect unisex toy to give to parents during their baby shower (especially if they don’t know Baby’s gender yet!).
  3. Little Singing Puppy by VTech Featuring a range of songs and phrases, this educational toy is a great learning tool to help kickstart  your baby’s language development. This toy contains three light up buttons that encourage your baby to start learning numbers, feelings, and other fun phrases. Pressing the buttons will also develop and enhance fine motor skill development. This toy also includes 3 sing-along songs and 15 melodies with puppy sound effects.
  4. Flying Friends Bouncer Toy by BabyBjörn - Designed specifically for very young babies, this toy will enhance baby’s playtime in their bouncer or pram. The brightly colored rotating figures will spark your baby’s curiosity and develop their fine motor skills and other physician capabilities. The toy is easy to attach and remove, making it handy for on-the-go moments. And, with soft and child-friendly materials, Baby can check and suck on the toy in a safe manner. 
  5. High Contrast Stroller Flashcards by Jojo Maman Bébé - These high contrast stroller flashcards are great for developing your baby’s eyesight, as the black and white contrast helps grab their attention and improve their overall focus. Each card features a fun animal illustration, and a chunky plastic ring makes it easy for children to flip between cards and makes it easy for parents to attach it to pushchairs or prams. 
  6. Touch and Feel Crinkle Book for Baby by beiens - Not only do babies love bright coloured toys, but they also love toys with a crinkle sound/texture feature. This toy features both! These interactive cloth books will not only improve baby’s motor skills and audio recognition, but also provide sensory interaction and an endless amount of engagement. Read these animal themed books to your baby to help stimulate their language and reading abilities. Parents will love that these books are BPA-free and made with non-toxic, skin-friendly, safe materials. 
  7. Baby Teether Rings by TOYMYTOY - Babies will love these teether rings since they’re small enough for their little hands, and great to chew on. The different textured rings will intrigue Baby while also helping to develop their grasp. Plus, your baby can either play with them one by one, or connect the links for use on a baby gym, pram, or any other seat with a harness. Parents will enjoy how durable and easy-to-clean they are. 
  8. Baby Whoozit by Manhattan Toy - Multiple award-winning Baby Whoozit is a multi-sensory activity toy featuring high-contrast fabric arms, rattles, squeakers, crinkle paper, and grasping loops. And, underneath the big fuzzy nose, your baby will discover a mirror, perfect for a game or peek-a-boo. The bright colors and textures are sure to keep Baby entertained, and the loop makes it easy to attach to prams or cribs.

This day and age, there are pram toys for every age, every environment, and every budget. Depending on what you’re looking for, you’ll find tons of amazing options. If you feel overwhelmed at the amount of choices on the market, take comfort in knowing that as long as the toy is engaging and interesting, your baby is sure to love it. You really can’t go wrong.

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