Introducing the New Dream Sock™

Introducing the New Dream Sock™

We have something really exciting to announce! Meet the new Dream Sock™ – a non-prescription smart baby monitor that uses pulse oximetry technology to provide medically certified health readings and notifications. The stand-out difference from the previous Smart Sock is that the Dream Sock™ is medically certified. 

With live pulse rate and oxygen level in real-time and eliminates guesswork with NEW Predictive Sleep Technology, allowing caregivers to monitor what matters most. 

Medically Certified 

The Dream Sock™ has been awarded a UKCA Certificate, code MD 1302 as an infant vital sign monitor.  

Intended for routine, in-home surveillance of infants by measuring oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate (PR). Software analyses photoplethysmography data to identify instances when the infant’s PR and/or SpO2 moves outside a preset range, and provides a notification to the caregiver, prompting them to assess the infant. 

The Dream Sock™ has also received FDA Approval in the US and EU Medical Certification. 

New Features for the Dream Sock™ and New Dream App 

  • Predictive Sleep Technology  

Predictive Sleep is a new auto-tracking sleep tool for predicting the perfect nap or bedtime for your baby. Sleep data is automatically collected in the Owlet Dream app when the Dream Sock is worn. You can manually log sleep sessions if you don’t use the Dream Sock or only own the Owlet Cam 2. 

  • Lavender Base Station prompt 

In addition to the original prompts of blue, yellow and red, the Dream Sock™ now has a lavender prompt. Based on the Owlet algorithms, it has been determined that your baby is not sleeping well and may need parental help to return to sleep. This prompt can be caused by significant crying or moving, discomfort seen through their sleep indicators (pulse rate and oxygen) or environment. 

  • Recovery Mode 

When the Base Station is powered off, a monitoring session will begin automatically after 20 minutes if 4 minutes of consecutive readings are detected, allowing for sleepy moments when the Base Station is forgotten about. 

  • Backup Battery in the Base Station 

The Backup Battery Base Station can provide up to 10 minutes of backup power in the case of power interruption. A yellow medium priority alarm will occur when power is removed (unit is unplugged). Simply tap the Base Station to pause the alarm, move it to the new location, and restore power. 

The Dream Sock™ is really a game-changer in infant care technology, offering parents peace of mind with UKCA, FDA, and EU Medical certifications. Your journey to smarter, safer parenting starts here.