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Meet our resident midwife, Carrie Sirry

Meet our resident midwife, Carrie Sirry

Carrie is an experienced practising NHS Midwife, antenatal teacher, hypnobirthing coach and mother based in London and will be joining the Owlet team to provide you with professional help and advice when it comes to navigating life with a newborn.  

Carrie is married to an Obstetric Doctor and has 2 children. She works part time on a busy Labour ward caring for women during pregnancy and labour.

With more than 10 years of midwifery experience, she is obsessed with supporting women to have positive birth experiences! 

She is Founder of @birthmode, offering bespoke birth preparation including hypnobirthing and coaching in the UK and abroad. After identifying a growing need for trustworthy, practical and simplified antenatal education, Carrie Co-Founded The Birth Collective with 2 colleagues. @the.birthcollective provides online birth preparation courses designed by healthcare professionals.

No matter which hat she is wearing, Carrie’s goal is simple, to empower women to have a confident start to motherhood!

When she isn’t talking about birth, Carrie enjoys the simple things in life. You will find her cherishing family days out, good food and savouring moments of self care.

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