Parent Stories - “We will be forever grateful”

Parent Stories - “We will be forever grateful”

“We will be forever grateful”

We were so used to monitors in the hospital, and they tried to talk us out of getting an Owlet; for the first week, we didn‘t buy one, but I was staying awake until 5/6 am making sure she was breathing. Anyway, I bought one from John Lewis so that when I returned to work I was able to sleep and put my mind at ease.

We feed her every three hours, so it gets to 6am, and she is ready for her feed. We fed her, helped her up, got some really good burps and laid her back down. 07:39 the Owlet is screaming, we both hopped out of bed to grab her as fast as we could and she was choking on her vomit and it was coming out of her nose and she was breathing it back in. Had we not had the Owlet, the next feed wasn’t until 09:00, and we were so tired, I don‘t know what would have happened.

It’s just a message to say thank you. We appreciate the product a lot, and we will be forever grateful - although it is extremely expensive, it is 100% justified by the accurate readings and putting parents’ minds at ease. I have already recommended it to our other mum friends who are sceptical about the product.

Absolutely fantastic, thank you so much!

Owlet User, Abigail Jennings