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Rewriting the rules of parenting

Rewriting the rules of parenting

Chances are that the past few months have involved a lot more time at home with the kids. You may be juggling work with homeschooling, childcare, less social interaction and lack of general support. And boy, is it tough! 

With the world around us changing so rapidly, could the rules of parenting be in need of a rewrite? If it will help parents catch a break, we are all for it. 

Creating softer boundaries 

We hear this being stressed a lot - the importance to have established boundaries between parent and child. We don’t know about you, but in the current climate, the only boundaries at home at the moment are between ourselves and a mountain pile of dirty laundry. 

The ability to draw a clear line between parent and child at a time where we are spending so much time within the same four walls is incredibly challenging. And with a newborn, introducing that separation seems even more impossible. 

Is there an outdoor space, a separate room or a cosy corner that you can make your own? Whether it’s to sit down with your favourite book or scroll through social media, having this space reserved only for you will tick the boundary box for now. 

Bed time, ‘shmed’ time?

Routine as we once knew it is getting harder to follow, and may even be falling by the wayside completely. But when it comes to sleep, this rule may need to stick around. 

Most scientists and sleep specialists agree that consistency at bedtime helps support better sleep, both for babies and parents. So whether it’s getting into the habit of scheduling bath time and reading a story book rather than just ‘going to bed’, these activities will help bring about sleep in a much more manageable way. 

Also, don’t be afraid to change up the time if there is some resistance. Pushing bedtime back by 45 minutes to an hour might do the trick!

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21st century parenting 

Where it once may have felt like new parents needed to be in a million places at once, technology is now there to make life that little bit easier. 

So whether it is the Cam that allows you to see your baby in another room while you take some time for yourself, or the Smart Sock so you can track what really counts on the inside, Owlet can provide that extra peace of mind to take the edge off. 

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