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The Owlet Cam is coming soon to the UK!

The Owlet Cam is coming soon to the UK!

A best seller in the US and Australia, we are super excited to announce that the award-winning Owlet Cam will soon be available to purchase in the UK!


The most advanced baby monitoring system on the market, the Owlet Cam gives parents the ability to hear, talk to and see their baby from anywhere. It provides parents with the right information at the right time, and gives them that all-important peace of mind.


Why you need a Cam

Owlet’s mission from day one has been to reduce parents’ anxieties by empowering them with products that help track their baby’s wellbeing. With the addition of the Owlet Cam, we can offer parents in the UK, some much-needed peace of mind and sleep.


For all the Owlet Smart Sock owners, there’s more good news! When integrated with the Sock, together they provide parents with a complete picture of their baby's wellness, allowing them to track their baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels while streaming video and audio directly to their phone.


Features of the Cam

  • Live streaming from 1080p HD video directly to a smartphone so parents can view at home or from the office (or from anywhere)
  • Active listening through the Cam’s background audio, allowing parents to listen to their baby while using their phone for other tasks
  • 130° wide angle lens for ideal visibility
  • Two-way audio, allowing parents to soothe and speak to their baby
  • Room temperature sensor, informing parents if their baby’s room is too hot or cold
  • Encrypted WiFi for secure connection
  • Easy-install wall mounting kit to keep cords out of reach
  • Seamless integration with the Owlet Smart Sock


Innovative stuff right? We told you it was exciting!


How to purchase the Owlet Cam

The Cam will be available in the UK this Autumn. Keep checking the newsletter for updates, and be the first to get one!


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