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Tips for Dad and baby bonding

Tips for Dad and baby bonding

Having a newborn baby is a fun, exciting experience. Sometimes it’s simpler for mothers to bond with their baby because they’re breastfeeding and/or are the primary caregiver, spending more time with them throughout the day. While this bonding is important, it’s also equally vital for dads and babies to bond. Here are five simple tips for dad and baby bonding: 


  • Become part of the routine
  • Dads, chat with your partner about how to incorporate one-on-one time into your child’s daily routine. Whether it’s taking charge at bath time, or having special story time, setting aside a daily action that is just for dad and baby is a wonderful way to encourage bonding. 


  • Share feeds and the night shift 
  • Getting up through the night and sharing feeds with your partner is another great way to bond with your baby. It gives you time during those special, quiet moments to look into your child’s eyes and have one-on-one time. It also helps your partner get some much-needed rest. So it’s a win-win!


  • Carry your baby 
  • Babywearing is pretty much the best. It allows you to perform other activities (like cleaning, walking, shopping etc.) whilst also bonding with your baby. They will become even more accustomed to your smell and presence this way too. Ensure that you get a comfortable carrier if you’ll be doing this a lot. 


  • Skin-to-skin is for dads too
  • Skin-to-skin is important for mothers and fathers. This is another great way for your baby to familiarise themselves with your scent, and your heartbeat is also soothing to your little one. Sit down on the couch and watch your favourite, low-key show, or just enjoy cuddle time, as it’s one of the best times you’ll have with your baby. 


  • Learn how to soothe 
  • Since babies all have their own unique personalities and stressors, learning how to soothe your child is a great way to bond with them. Learn the different sounds of their cries and be there to comfort and soothe them. Whether it’s bouncing on an exercise ball, or walking around the room, learning what works will empower you with the knowledge you need to help your baby. 

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