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A Relaxed and Peaceful Night's Sleep

A Relaxed and Peaceful Night's Sleep

I can't tell you how many times I wake up through the night to check on Ava-Mae to see if she's okay. It's something I've done every night since she was born and sometimes I wake up worried if I haven't checked on her for a while. Ava has always been a pretty good (and quiet sleeper), which sometimes adds to my worry as she can go hours without making a sound.

Knowing Ava's heart rate and oxygen levels are being tracked throughout the night with the Owlet Smart Sock brings me peace of mind, especially now that we've started moving her into her own room. I had visions of myself running back and forth across the landing all night checking on her, but with live readings being sent to my smartphone throughout the night, I've been sleeping soundly thanks to the green glow of Owlet's base station on my bedside.

Never would I ever have thought my Smart Sock would become such an important aspect of my babies sleep and give me such a peace of mind.

I will be using the Smart Sock for a long long time, starting from the day I bring home any other babies I have. It's definitely the best baby product I have ever used and is finally getting me back to a more relaxed and peaceful night's sleep.

These stories are from users of the Smart Sock and are based on their actual experiences. As you read these stories, we want to remind you that the Smart Sock is not a medical device. It is not intended for use as a medical device or to replace a medical device. It does not and is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, alleviate or prevent any disease or health condition or investigate, replace or modify any physiological process. The Smart Sock is only intended to assist you in tracking your baby’s well-being not to replace you as a caregiver. You are responsible for the health and well-being of your baby and following safe sleep, health, and care guidelines.

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