Parenting doesn't have to be sleepless

Better Sleep for Parents: 94% of Owlet parents report getting more sleep in the first four weeks of use.

Monitor from Anywhere: The Owlet Dream App lets you check on your baby's sleep from any location with an internet connection.

Smart Sleep Predictions: Owlet's NEW Predictive Sleep Technology uses historical data and best practices based on age to suggest the best sleep windows for your little one, taking the guesswork out of sleep schedules.


Enhanced Functionality

Reliable Bluetooth Connectivity: The Dream Sock Sensor and Base Station communicate via Bluetooth. This ensures that the Base Station will notify you even if the Wi-Fi is down or the App stops working.

Back-Up Battery for the Base Station: Provides up to 10 minutes of power during an outage, keeping the system running smoothly.

Convenient Recovery Mode: If the Base Station is inactive for a while, it will automatically resume monitoring after 20 minutes if it detects 4 minutes of consistent readings, perfect for those sleepy moments when you might forget about it.


Always Know When You're Needed

Real-Time Alerts: The Owlet Base Station notifies you instantly with lights and sounds if your baby needs attention.

Wireless Monitoring: It connects seamlessly with the Owlet Smart Sock, providing continuous monitoring of your baby's heart rate and oxygen levels.

Easy Night time use: The soft glow of the Base Station lets your check on your baby without disturbing their sleep.


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