Total Peace of Mind

Always Alert: Sound and Cry Notifications ensure you never miss a moment.

Ultimate Baby Comfort Monitoring: Live temperature & humidity tracking, 4x zoom, and 130-degree angle give parents a clear picture of Baby’s comfort and sleep environment

Eliminate guesswork: The Owlet Dream App tells you when Baby will likely need to go down for their next nap, so you don’t have to worry about tracking their wake windows.


Multi-task with Picture in a Picture

Multitask Like a Pro: You can surf your phone, respond to texts, or even watch Netflix while still seeing your baby monitor in a small window.

See Baby Clearly: Check on Baby with 1080p HD video and auto-adjusting night vision, perfect for those late-night check-ins.


Cam 2 Video Clips

Event-Triggered Recording: Video clips capture 3-5 seconds before an event, so you know what happened.

Convenient Storage: Clips are stored for 7 days and can be saved to your device for sharing favourite moments.

Reliable Capture: Video clips are recorded even if no device is receiving notifications.


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