Provide Mum With Peace of Mind

Provide Mum With Peace of Mind

This Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating mums around the world. Mums are our secret superheroes. They put their children before themselves. They encourage and support their baby through every milestone. They’re a shoulder to cry on and a forever hand to hold. They fearlessly make daily sacrifices, both physical and emotional. And they do all of this behind-the-scenes, without the true recognition they deserve.

So this year, we think mums deserve some extra peace of mind. Products like the Owlet Smart Sock and Duo exist to eliminate the stress associated with sleep so that mums can feel more at ease with the parenting journey. The Owlet Smart Sock delivers personalised, real-time insights and notifications to your smartphone. This means that mum can simply check on Baby from her phone rather than make multiple visits to Baby’s room throughout the night. One less thing for mum to worry about? We’re all for it.

Take advantage of our amazing Mother’s Day savings and treat mum (and Baby) to peace of mind and better sleep.

Save £69 when you buy the Monitor Duo Plus.
Save £44 when you buy the Smart Sock.
Save £23 when you buy the Owlet Cam.


Celebrate the mum in your life by helping Baby sleep better. Because when Baby sleeps better, so does mum.