Now you can see hear and know your baby is okay – Owlet UK

Now you can see hear and know your baby is okay

Now you can see hear and know your baby is okay

Today is an exciting day as it’s the launch of the award-winning Owlet Cam, which is now available to purchase in the UK! 

A best seller in the US and Australia, and the most advanced baby monitoring system on the market, the Owlet Cam gives parents the ability to hear, talk to and see their baby from anywhere. The device is able to provide parents with the right information at the right time, giving them that all-important peace of mind and improving anxiety through a product that helps to track their baby’s wellbeing. 

The Cam, when integrated with the Owlet Smart Sock, is able to provide parents with a complete picture of their baby’s wellness, allowing them to track their baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels while streaming video and audio directly to their phone. Both products are now available as a Bundle, offering parents complete peace of mind. 

Features of the Cam include live streaming from 1080p HD video directly to a smartphone, active listening and 130° wide angle lens for ideal visibility, as well as a whole host of others that you can read about here.

Ready to feel complete peace of mind? Purchase the Owlet Cam or Bundle today. 

How to purchase the Owlet Cam

The Cam is now available in the UK to purchase from here, and the Bundle is available to purchase here

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